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The University of Westminster is undertaking major redevelopment at the Harrow Campus to create a world-class environment for students. It is creating fantastic, state-of-the-art facilities; new and improved social and learning spaces, and an enhanced sense of community for students and staff. Harrow is also becoming a more sustainable site with reduced environmental impact.

The new design also allows students to better showcase their talent and reflects the creative buzz that has always characterised the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design.

Download the Harrow Campus map (PDF).

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Phase one

The redevelopment of the Harrow Campus is taking place in four key phases.

Phase one will be completed in autumn 2012. 

  1. Refurbishment of "A Block" – housing the students from Fashion, Fine Art and Music, A Block has already upgraded teaching and learning areas and created dedicated course areas on floors two to five.
  2. Remodeling of the Learning Resources Centre/Library – including a fresh look and new furniture, improved reception counter and laptop benches.
  3. Creating the new Forum – our new showpiece entrance due to be opened in October 2012, also known as the ‘Forum’, is where students can proudly display their work and welcome friends and family.

Refurbished Harrow campus A block with Fashion students
'A Block' © WESTPHOTO/Siobhan Doran 2012


 Refurbished Harrow campus library reception
'Library Reception' © WESTPHOTO/Siobhan Doran 2012

New features include:

  • Project rooms and social learning ‘hubs’
  • An enclosed gallery
  • Space to showcase student work, such as fashion shows, live gigs, exhibitions, catwalks and more
  • Eating areas offering a range of food and drinks, and an outside courtyard to be enjoyed on warmer days

Phase two

Phase two is currently being planned and more details will be published here in due course.

To find out more about the latest developments, contact estatestrategy@westminster.ac.uk

See how work is progressing

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