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Dr Patrick Smylie

Lecturer in History

020 7911 5000 Ext. 69206 p.smylie@westminster.ac.uk Room 505 University of Westminster 309 Regent Street London W1B 2UW Monday 1.30 - 3.00

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Patrick Smylie studied Modern History at the University of Westminster from 2003-06, where he gained a First Class BA (Hons). He gained an MA in Irish History from Queen’s University Belfast in 2007. He was awarded his doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast in 2010.

  • Reaction and Reform: A British History 1783-1867
  • Modern America: Social and Political Change 1850-1920
  • New Liberals to New Labour: British Politics 1905-1997
  • The Troubles Britain and Ireland 1968-1998
  • Empires in the Age of the New Imperialism 1870- 1939
  • The Wild West: Representations of the Frontier
  • Race, Society and Politics in the USA, 1919-1970
  • Fascism and Authoritarianism in interwar Europe 1918-1939

Irish communism and more broadly the left in Ireland from the development of New Unionism until  the end of the Cold War; Irish political organisations in Britain; twentieth century social and political history.

Current Research Projects

  • Patrick is currently working on a biography of the Irish Communist and Civil Rights leader Betty Sinclair; the relationship between British and Irish Communists.
  • Award AHRC PhD scholarship, 2007-10



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