• Matriculation ceremony for Westminster Law School students

    16 Dec 2014

    Almost 200 first-year undergraduate students from Westminster Law School attended the inaugural matriculation ceremony for University of Westminster students. The ceremony marked the formal admission of the students to the University and their undergraduate studies. The event was an opportunity for first year students to be welcomed by the senior staff in the faculty, fellow students and former students.

  • Professor Hélène Lambert writes for The Guardian on statelessness

    05 Nov 2014

    Hélène Lambert, Professor of International Law at Westminster Law School, has written an article for The Guardian online about the problem of statelessness.

  • Law panel event on the use of nuclear weapons

    31 Oct 2014

    A panel event discussed the legality of the use of nuclear weapons under different international law regimes almost 20 years from the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice.

  • Westminster Law Fair

    30 Oct 2014

    "An amazing opportunity to meet and talk to many people from the legal industry"

  • London law firm receives Career Development Centre award

    09 Oct 2014

    As one of London’s leading firms of solicitors, Hodge Jones & Allen (HJA) has a proud tradition of taking on publicly-funded cases and fighting for victims of human rights abuses. For law students looking for a career in this field, the opportunity of working with Hodge Jones and Allen (HJA) in any capacity is highly prized, and the support that the firm gives to University of Westminster Law students is invaluable.