Yara Sharif

Research Title: Searching for spaces of possibility in between the fragmented map: Healing fractures through the dialogue of everyday behaviour
Research Areas:

Director of Studies: Professor Murray Fraser
Second Supervisor: Dr John Bold
Third Supervisor: Samir Pandya
Starting Date and Mode of Study: 2007 Full-Time

Thesis Synopsis

The aim of this PhD by Design is to try to understand what the architecture of resistance or possibility might mean, in order to offer a strategy of empowerment from the architect’s perspective to fragmented societies. To do so, it takes the Palestinian experience, amongst other similar cases, as the testing ground. It builds on a previous Master’s thesis, ‘Searching for spaces of in between in the fragmented maps, which engaged in the dialogue of everyday narratives by discovering the invisible networks of communities who are creating new tools to overcome, adapt and thus redefine the meaning of the built environment. Expanded into a doctoral study, it asks a number of important questions: what could the role of the architect be when designing within fragmented spaces? how can we go beyond commentary into practical design  proposals to create spaces of possibility, which can heal the fractures created  by inequality?; what is a strategy of empowerment and enabling for fragmented societies and spaces? The aim is to integrate research, theory and design interventions, which will evoke as an outcome of continuous testing of sites to analyze and understand certain notions, behaviours and identities of fragmented societies. Hence the thesis will be a hybrid between text and narrative for a potential design project.