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</strong>Hilal Cecampinar<strong>Hilal Cecampinar, Ataturk University, Turkey

Hilal Cecampinar is working as research assistant in Ataturk University, Turkey. Her master thesis was on Universal Jurisdiction and International Law. She is completing her PhD. in Marmara University, Turkey. She has been as a visiting researcher at the Lab for the period November 2017 - August 2018. She researched for her PhD thesis on the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: Procedure and Practice. During her stay with us, she published an article in Turkey on the Law of the Sea.

Alison YoungProfessor Alison Young, University of Melbourne, Australia
Alison is currently researching in 3 areas: first, she is completing a book on spectatorship, violence and justice in cinema, entitled Visions of Violence: Cinema, Crime, Affect (Routledge, forthcoming);  second, she is engaged in a 5 year study of the police response to sexual assault (together with colleagues in the Melbourne Law School and at Edith Cowan University); and third, she is undertaking a three year research project, funded by the Australian Research Council, concerning the social, legal and cultural responses to street art.

Anna GrearProfessor Anna Grear, University of Cardiff, UK
Anna has been an invited professor at the Lab where her research focussed on the relationship between human rights and the environment, and the theme of legal subjectivity, locating these in relation to contemporary globalisation and to the implications of the materiality of the living order – including the theme of lived embodiment.

Francesca Ansaloni, IUAV University Venice, Italy
Francesca’s was a visiting researcher at the University of Westminster in 2014, where her research focussed on urban planning in developing countries, urban analysis, public policies and land policies for urban security. She also provides advice on quality and safety in the redevelopment and urban design.

Dr Henrik AndersonDr Henrik Andersen, University of Central Lancanshire and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Henrik’s research while at the Lab focussed on international economic law with a particular focus on World Trade Organization Law and Dispute Settlement, with special emphasis on overlaps between trade law and other values like human rights and environment.

Dr Juozas Valciukas, University of Mykolas Romeris, Lithuania
Juozas research while at the Lab revolved around Islamic Law and its connections with Western legal traditions from a sociological point of view.

Professor Marett Leiboff, University of Wollongong, Australia
Marett is a legal theorist who is a specialist in the field of cultural legal studies and law and humanities scholarship, and for her pathbreaking work on theatrical jurisprudence. She is known for her intersectional research into the pedagogy of jurisprudence, and was co-awarded a Carrick Citation in 2006 for pathbreaking work in this field. She also researches into legal conceptions of visual and historical culture.

Moritz von Stetten, University of Cologne, Germany
Starting from Niklas Luhmann’s sociology, Moritz’s dissertation thesis deals with a theory of social excess that will be developed in two main research areas. The idea of a posthumanist social theory avoiding the pitfalls of technology-friendly or technology-averse notions. Second, he understands social excess as the differentiation of autopoietic social systems. In contrast to Luhmann, he does not interpret autopoietic systems as the underlying cornerstones of modern society but rather as the groundwork of a poststructural and postcolonial theory of society. This leads to the critique and extension of Luhmann’s notion of functional differentiation and its relation to other forms of differentiation."

Dr Sven Opitz, University of Hamburg, Germany
Sven is a Visiting Researcher at the Lab and his main research focuses on the relation between security and law in cases of global states of emergency such as pandemics. His current work is the global security system that has been developing in dealing with so-called "Emerging Infectious Diseases”.

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