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Forthcoming issue 8.1: "Silenced Mourning"

The forthcoming issue 8.1 of the Journal of War and Culture Studies, edited by Wendy Ugolini and Corinna Peniston-Bird, and due out in February 2015, examines the theme of silenced mourning during and after wars, with articles discussing the authors Vera Brittain, Katherine Mansfield, Rose Macaulay and Cicely Hamilton, and topics such as guilt, Prisoners of War, war grief, heroic victims, military masculinity, sacrifice, memorialisation, atrocity, emotions, air raids, bereavement, and loss.


Kate Kennedy "'A tribute to my brother': Women's Literature and its Post-war Ghosts"

Oliver Wilkinson "A Fate Worse Than Death? Lamenting First World War Captivity"

Linda Maynard "'You can never fill the gap that's left'; Expressions of Brotherly Loss in the Second World War"

Lucy Noakes "Grief and Bereavement in Second World War Britain"

Corinna Peniston-Bird "The Grieving Male in Memorialisation: Monuments of Discretion"

Wendy Ugolini "Untold Stories of Loss: mourning the 'enemy' in World War Two Britain"

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