Volume 5 Issue 2 - Reporting War

Cover date: 

Jul 2012

This special issue of the Journal of War and Culture Studies brings together a collection of articles around the theme of ‘reporting war’. Why should this be a central concern for all of those interested in war and culture? The introduction by guest editors Angela Smith and Michael Higgins situates the reporting of war within its fuller historical context. Two main themes highlighted as suggestive ones in understanding this history are, first, the development of the war correspondent as a personality and, second, the changing possibilities of media technology. In the process, links and parallels between the articles published here are emphasized, together with the issues that have enabled and bedevilled war reporting in the progress through an age of mass mediation, towards digital, individualized content.

Articles included are:

  • Simon Popple: From ‘Brother Boer’ to ‘Dirty Boers’: Colonizing the colonizers through the popular representations of the Boer in the British illustrated journal 1899–1902

  • Noha Mellor: ‘My Eyes Were There’: A comparative analysis of war reporters’ testimonies

  • Katy Parry: The first ‘Clean’ war? Visually framing civilian casualties in the British Press during the 2003 Iraq invasion

  • David Archibald and Mitchell Miller: Full-spectacle dominance? An analysis of the Israeli state’s attempts to control media images of the 2010 Gaza flotilla

  • Angela Smith and Michael Higgins: Strategy, evasion and performance in the live two-way: Kate Adie reporting from Iraq for the BBC

  • Nelson Ribeiro: A new medium at war: The importance of foreign radio reports in Portugal during World War II

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