Volume 2 Issue 2 - The Figure of the Soldier

Cover date: 

Oct 2009

Martin Hurcombe and Nicola Cooper The Figure of the Soldier

Cristina Pividori and Andrew Monnickendam The Soldier as Good Samaritan: bonding with the enemy in John Pearman's The Radical Soldier's Tale

Libby Murphy Gavroche and the Great War: Soldier Gouaille and the Legend of the Poilu

Christof Dejung The figure of the officer: class, gender, and military hierarchy in the Swiss army in the 1930s and 1940s

Anna Froula Free a man to fight: the figure of the female soldier in World War II popular culture

Alan Morris From social outcasts to stars of the mainstream: The combatants of the Collaboration in post-war France

Bill Niven The figure of the soldier as resister: German film and the difficult legacy of Claus Schenck Graf von Stauffenberg

Deborah Wills and Erin Steuter The soldier as hunter: pursuit, prey and display in the War on Terror

Rachel WoodwardTrish Winter and K.Neil Jenkings Heroic anxieties: the figure of theEleanor Bavidge British soldier in contemporary print media

The public private: the Last Veteran

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