Volume 2 Issue 1 - Intellectuals and War

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Jun 2009

Debra Kelly and David Drake Intellectuals and War

Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg Notes on the notion of ‘Just War’? Debating war with Walzer, Žižek, Hardt and Negri

Richard A. Francis Romain Rolland and the rejection of pacifism

Roy MacLeod The scientists go to war: revisiting precept and practice, 1914–1919

Roger Woods ‘This new theory of war is nothing but an uninhibited transfer of the principle of art for art's sake to war’: Ernst Jünger, Walter Benjamin, and the New Right

John Flower An ‘Armchair’ dispute: François Mauriac, Jean-Louis Vaudoyer, the Académie française and the occupation

Jonathan Ervine Representations of war: from the New Wave to the New Millennium

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