Volume 1 Issue 3 - War and Visual Culture

Cover date: 

Dec 2008

Nicola Cooper and Valerie Holman War and visual culture since 1900

Angela Smith ‘The girl behind the man behind the gun’: women as carers in recruitment posters of the First World War

Paul Rennie Socialvision: visual culture and social democracy in Britain during World War II

Neil Matheson National identity and the ‘melancholy of ruins’: Cecil Beaton's photographs of the London Blitz

Hanna Diamond Representing defeat: photographic images of the French exodus of 1940

Francis Graham-Dixon War and representation: humanism in German painting, 1945–7

Gabriel Koureas Trauma, space and embodiment: the sensorium of a divided city

Guy Westwell One image begets another: a comparative analysis of Flag-raising on Iwo Jima and Ground Zero Spirit

Paul Gough ‘Exactitude is truth’: representing the British military through commissioned artworks

Chase Laurelle Knowles Towards a new Web genre: Islamist Neorealism

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