Neighbourhood Management and Localism

Nick Bailey has carried out a series of linked studies of community empowerment, neighbourhood management and localism with Madeleine Pill of the School of Planning and Geography at Cardiff University. In 2010 they were commissioned by Paddington Development Trust to evaluate the approach to neighbourhood management adopted by the City of Westminster. The findings were published in a final report and a series of journal articles:

  • Bailey, N., 2010, Understanding community empowerment in urban regeneration: Putting policy and practice in context. Planning Practice and Research, 25(3), 317-332.
  • Pill, M., & Bailey, N., 2010, Neighbourhood management in Westminster: Project Report. A research report for the Paddington Development Trust. University of Westminster.
  • Bailey, N & Pill, M., 2011, The continuing popularity of the neighbourhood and neighbourhood governance in the transition from the ‘Big State’ to ‘Big Society’ paradigm. Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy, 29(5), 927-942.
  • Pill, M & Bailey. N., 2012, Community empowerment or a strategy of containment? Evaluating neighbourhood governance in the City of Westminster. Local Government Studies, 39(4), 731-751.

With the introduction of the Localism Act, 2011, a further study was carried out of the organization and impact of neighbourhood forums and neighbourhood plans in three cities: Bristol, Milton Keynes and Westminster.

This was published as:

  • Bailey, N & Pill, M., Can the state empower communities through localism? An evaluation of recent approaches to neighbourhood governance in England. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. (forthcoming)
  • Pill, M & Bailey, N., 2013, The potential for neighbourhood regeneration in a period of austerity: Changing forms of neighbourhood governance in two cities. Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, 7(2).

Nick Bailey has also researched innovative approaches to urban regeneration through community-led organisations and the results have been published as:

  • Bailey, N., 2010, Building sustainable communities from the grassroots: How community land trusts can create social sustainability. In T. Manzi, K. Lucas, T. Lloyd-Jones, and J. Allen (eds.) Understanding Social Sustainability, London: Earthscan, 49-64.
  • Bailey, N., 2012, The role, organization and contribution of community enterprise to urban regeneration policy in the UK. Progress in Planning, 77(1). Elsevier.
  • Bailey, N., 2012, Turning around the poorest neighbourhoods:  Learning the lessons from twenty years of neighbourhood-based regeneration strategies in England. In Yeakey, C.C. (ed.), Living on the Boundaries: Urban Marginality in National and International Contexts. Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research, Policy and Praxis, vol. 8, Bingley: Emerald, 313-328.