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  • Barr, Dr Alastair

    Senior Lecturer

    • 1989 - BSc. (Hons) Pharmacology, University of Glasgow
    • 1994 - DPhil. Pharmacology, University of Oxford

    I joined the University of Westminster in...

  • Biggs, Dr Christopher

    Senior Lecturer

    Chris graduated from King's College London in 1990, with a degree in Pharmacology, having spent one year of this intercalated...

  • Camilleri, Dr Ray

    Senior Lecturer

    I graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Medical Biochemistry from Royal Holloway, University of London in 1994 before embarking...

  • Coleman, Dr Sarah

    Lecturer in biochemistry

    I read for a BSc (Hons) (1989) in Biochemistry at University of Essex; then for a PhD (1996) in Biochemistry...

  • Curley, Dr Paul

    Senior Lecturer

    I read for a BSc degree (1985) and a PhD (1989) degree in Biochemistry at University College Dublin (UCD) under...

  • Dalby, Dr Andrew

    Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics and Research Methods

    I originally studied Chemistry and Law at the University of Exeter intending on becoming a lawyer. Then I met some...

  • Dwek, Dr Miriam


    I undertook my BSc in Applied Biology, in part-time mode, whilst working in various roles including Process and Product Development...

  • Getting, Dr Stephen

    Principal Lecturer

    I graduated from the School of Pharmacy, London in 1995 with a BSc (Hons) Toxicology and Pharmacology; this Sandwich degree...

  • Keshavarz, Professor Taj

    Professor of Biotechnology

    A chemical engineer with five years of industrial experience, Professor Taj Keshavarz received his MSc and PhD in Biochemical Engineering...

  • Kimmitt, Dr Patrick

    Senior Lecturer

    I took my first degree in Microbiology & Genetics at UCL and trained as a Biomedical Scientist before embarking on...

  • Lange, Dr Sigrun

    Senior Lecturer

    Formal Education: BSc Biology; MSc Biomedical Sciences; PhD Biomedical Sciences

    After obtaining a BSc in Biology from the University of Iceland...

  • Locke, Dr Ian

    Principal Lecturer

    After graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons) degree in Biomedical Sciences, I stayed on to do...

  • McCormick, Dr Adele

    Senior Lecturer

    Having gained my BSc (hons) in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of Sheffield in 1993, I moved to the...

  • Murphy, Dr John

    Head of Department

    • 1980 - BSc. (Hons) Pharmacology Chemistry, University College Dublin
    • 1984 - PhD. Pharmacology, University College Dublin

    ZFP36 protein family members and their...

  • Odell, Dr Mark

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr Mark Odell studies the structure and function of proteins through protein biochemistry, crystallography allied with rational mutagenesis and bioinformatics....

  • Patel, Dr Vinood


    1997 PhD - King's College London, London

    1992 BSc Pharmacology (Hons) - University of Portsmouth

    After completing his PhD Vinood continued his...

  • Porakishvili, Dr Nina

    Principal Lecturer

    University Responsibilities

    I am a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Science and Technology. I...

  • Presneau, Dr Nadege

    Senior Lecturer

    I obtained an equivalent of BSc (D.E.U.G and Licence) in France in Cell Biology and Physiology from University Blaise Pascal...

  • Smith, Dr Caroline

    Senior Lecturer

    I am Course Leader for the Biological Sciences program and Learning and Teaching Coordinator for the Department of Life Sciences....

  • Tewfik, Dr Ihab

    Senior Lecturer

    Ihab is a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) who has expertise in planning, implementing and evaluating...

  • Uysal Onganer, Dr Pinar


    I have finished my PhD by completing my studies both at Centre for Hepatology at UCL and the Medical School...

  • Volpi, Dr Emanuela


    I graduated in Biological Sciences (First Class Honours Summa cum Laude) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". After post-graduate...



Tissue Architecture and Regeneration Research Group addresses a range of topics co-ordinated by scholars at the University of Westminster.



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