Robert Rothmann

Robert RothmannRobert is a PhD fellow visiting us from the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of Vienna. During his time at WIAS (September-October 2016), he will be working on his PhD project Privacy, Surveillance and Informed Consent in Digital Environments: The Facebook Case Study.

What is your research project about?
The study investigates the handling of privacy issues by the social networking site Facebook and the legal concept of informed consent as a justification for the processing of personal data. The interdisciplinary research design is based on the epistemological approach of triangulation and combines legal analysis with qualitative as well as quantitative methods of social science.

In this way, the study examines the contractual negotiation of privacy entitlements in digital environments and whether social media users consciously relinquish their existing fundamental rights, and it can therefore be said that privacy is no longer a social norm in present times, or those concerned simply forfeit in their daily routines to the inherent law of code.

What are you looking forward to during your stay at WIAS?
Professional scientific work inspired by a vibrant cosmopolitan environment.

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