Paschal Preston

Paschal PrestonProfessor Paschal Preston is visiting us from Dublin City University. Whilst based at WIAS (16 January–14 April 2017), Paschal will be working on conceptualisations of how new media and networks of the 1880s-1920s period related to national and supra-national spaces of political action and mobilisation.  

What is your research project about?
My current major project aims to identify and compare conceptualisations of how successive new communication technologies, networks and media may prompt or enable new forms of national or international political action and mobilisation in the modern era. It examines differing conceptualisations of the space-compression impacts and affordances of successive new media and networks and how these were constructed by competing schools of thought. The overall project addresses a number of specific periods, but the work agenda for the WIAS fellowship largely focuses on the 1880s-1920s period.

What are you looking forward to during your stay at WIAS?
I expect that the WIAS fellowship will give me ample opportunities to further develop and enrich my own research amidst the thriving research environment provided by colleagues based in the University of Westminster, especially in the communication studies field. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work closely with colleagues in the Institute for Advanced Studies and to be able to participate in its various seminars and related activities. During my WIAS fellowship, I plan to write a research paper, a journal article and to present some of the outcomes at a WIAS seminar or similar event.



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