Bingqing Xia

Dr Bingqing XiaBingqing is an Assistant Professor visiting us from Macau University of Science and Technology. During her time at WIAS (December 2016-February 2017 and June 2017-July 2017), she will be working on a project about the capital accumulation process in current Chinese Internet industries.

What is your research project about?
Since 2015, industrial and manufacturing sectors of the Chinese economy have slowed down and internet industries have become an essential sector for economic reform. Internet industries have focused on services like online to offline (O2O) and big data, as the government has issued policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

It seems that internet industries have become a big bubble of O2O and big data.
However, little is known about this big bubble, such as how it has expanded, and what role young start-ups have played. Therefore, this research asks:

  • What is the capital accumulation model in Chinese internet industries?
  • What role do young start-ups play in this capital accumulation?
  • Is this capital accumulation indeed a process of financialisation? 

This research uses some critical Marxism, such as concepts of capital accumulation and financialisation expanded on in David Harvey’s, Christian Fuchs’, and John Foster’s work. This project will contribute to the existing theoretical discussion on capital accumulation by asking:

1. Can a Marxist understanding of financialisation be applied to understand the capital accumulation process in current Chinese internet industries?
2. To what extent does this capital accumulation process contribute to Chinese neo-liberalism?

What are you looking forward to during your stay at WIAS?
I hope I will have the opportunity to develop my research by working with Professor Christian Fuchs and talking with China studies scholars in London. During my three-month stay, I plan to write up a journal article and to have the chance to present my work in different academic settings, both at the University of Westminster and other universities.

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