Independent Critical Thinking Beyond Borders

The Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies is an academic space for independent critical thinking beyond borders. It is a cross-faculty institution based at the University of Westminster in London. The WIAS’ aim is to foster and disseminate advanced studies that generate insights into the complex realities and possibilities of the contemporary world. It is a space for the development, discussion and dissemination of critical, innovative and creative research that contributes to understanding the challenges and problems society, culture, nature, art and technology face today.

One of its key features is the Research Fellowship Programme that attracts and brings together current and future academic leaders who engage in independent critical thinking beyond borders.

The studies conducted in the WIAS take an interdisciplinary approach to challenge the boundaries between disciplines. They are critical in order to question taken for granted realities and knowledge through new and alternative perspectives. They also take a global outlook on the world that transcends closed spaces of thought, imagination and reality.

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The WIAS has a fellowship programme that hosts critical digital & social media researchers.


WIAS is an academic space for independent critical thinking beyond borders.

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