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Recent projects

RIDGE £12,600  Before we forget: The legacy of the HIV epidemic. CARA Charity. 2016

LOVEDAY £129,000  Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award. Lesions in the Landscape: Claire and the Island of Hirta, co-applicant with Shona Illingworth and Martin Conway. 2013

RIDGE & CHESHIRE £39238.00  Graded Exercise Therapy guided SElf-help Treatment (GETSET) for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: an interview study, NIHR, 2014

RIDGE £32000.00 Secondary analysis of Electroconvulsive therapy: a qualitative study of the experiences of patients and their carers, as part of, Oxford University, 2014

CHESHIRE & RIDGE £26300.00  Experience Led Commissioning: evaluating a new approach to commissioning for improved mother and family experience of maternity services for women who experience adverse maternity events, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, 2014

RIDGE & PETERS  £142000.00 Men, stress & distress: A ‘male sensitive’ feasibility intervention & study at the Victoria Medical Centre, Nelsons, 2013

RIDGE (POLLEY PI)  £143000.00 Using a Health Facilitator service (HFS) to support and advise diabetic and prediabetic patients to make healthy lifestyle changes, MMDB, 2013

RIDGE (ROSENFELD PI) £211000.00  Experiencing and Managing HIV/AIDS in Later Life.’ Funded by the Medical Research Council/Economic and Social Research Council’s ‘Life Long Health and Wellbeing’, scheme, MRC/ESRC, 2012.

PETERS & RIDGE  £263,490  Developing a Complementary Therapy MSK service 2 (with Damien Ridge) Kensington & Chelsea PCT), 2010-12.

PETERS  £19702 HEIF Enterprise funding to support a new resilience service development, 2013
PETERS  £24,120  HEIF Enterprise funding to support team resilience building, 2014                

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