GCSE Language Immersion Saturdays

Providing a head start with languages

February/March 2016

The University of Westminster’s Language Immersion Saturdays are an established annual event, aiming to promote practical language use amongst GCSE students. They have been designed to help learners develop their language skills and gain more practical expertise.

The languages offered are French, German, and Spanish. In each language, we are offering two back-to-back workshops, giving students learning two languages the option of booking a workshop in both.

The events are part of the Routes into Languages initiative and are hosted by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. Each two-day workshop costs £30 and comprises 2 x 4 hours of teaching time. The workshops are not syllabus revision workshops, but are aimed to encourage learners to apply their language skills in different contexts and use them flexibly. We are aiming to increase students’ confidence and fluency.

Located in the heart of London, the University of Westminster has a long-established reputation for delivering European and non-European languages from various entry levels (also in combination with other disciplines), cultures and societies and develop bilingual transfer skills in vocational contexts. We are committed to providing high-quality education that prepares students for rewarding and successful careers.

Download a printable copy of the leaflet, including the application form


University of Westminster
309 Regent Street
London W1B 2UW

Times: 10am – 2.30pm (including breaks)

Cost: £30 (this covers a total of 8 hours teaching)

  • Each workshop is offered over two half Saturdays, focusing on a mixture of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. The classes are interactive and aim to encourage natural language production in a variety of scenarios. All workshops are delivered by experienced native speakers
  • The workshops look at common grammar points, vocabulary expansion and practical language use, such as role plays, comprehension tasks or writing in context
  • These events are hands-on sessions, giving learners an opportunity to work with languages in real-life situations and practise key skills
  • We can only accept a maximum of 20 students per language / workshop. Only one group per language will be available
  • Please enquire if you are interested in booking places for large numbers of students from the same school

If you are interested in booking a place on one of these two-day events, be aware that this is a two-day event, and skills are developed throughout.

Please note that you cannot book individual days (such as one day on Workshop 1 and one on Workshop 2) and / or mix languages for the same two-day slot, i.e. you cannot book one day of French and one of German.

For informal queries, please contact Dr. Manuela von Papen,[email protected], but please note that we are unable to accept email or telephone enquiries. Bookings can only be made by post.

Download a printable copy of the leaflet, including the application form

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