Part-time work

There’s a huge variety of jobs in London, so why not try something a little different?

The reality is that in order to pay your way in London, you’ll probably need to find a part-time job. The University recommends you stick to around 15 hours per week, so as not to mess up your studies. You can work as much, or as little, as you like during the holidays though.

Try to think about ways in which your part-time job could be worth more than the hourly rate. Spend a small fortune on clothes? Apply to your favourite clothes shop and you could be in for a big staff discount. Passionate about film? With over 500 cinema screens in the capital, you’re sure to find a job that lets you indulge in your movie-love for less.

It also makes sense to think long-term about your career. Try looking for a job that complements your course and looks good on your CV. It’ll impress your future employers and may even help you with your studies.

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