Great Start tour of the Regent Campus transcript

Hi I'm Greg Flucker and this is Great Start TV.

In this episode, I’m going to show you life at our Regent Street Campus.

Students who study in the Schools of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages will call this campus home.

Now this may look like the ballroom of a palace, but it's actually just reception here at Regent Street.

This is the oldest campus in the University and I don’t think we can have it looking too shabby.

Regent Street Campus is home to the UK’s oldest cinema. In 1896, 54 people paid one shilling each to view the first film.

Socialising with other students is an important part of uni life. This area will be transformed into a new social space where students can discuss studies in an informal way and obviously other important topics such as the footie and who can do more push ups.

And if exercise is your thing... You strange people, then you can pump iron at our fully equipped gym

Regent Campus is also located just off the busiest shopping street in the UK.

Oxford Street is home to some world-famous designers as well as some high-street brands too.

Make sure you visit the flagship store of Top Shop for some fashion bargains.

Your student card is your lifeline to the shops of London. Ask if stores do student discounts and flash your card for up to 20 percent.

Walk further down Regents Street and you’ll arrive here at the iconic Piccadilly Circus. Full of attractions and things to see, you'll never be bored when classes are out for the day.

Only five minutes away from the lights of Piccadilly Circus is Leicester Square. Now this is the place to be if you want to catch a glimpse of your favourite Hollywood stars at countless movie premieres.

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