Open Day FAQs

Do I have to register to attend an Open Day?

Yes. Ideally you should book your place online in advance and indicate which subjects you are interested in. We encourage you to book in advance to avoid queues at registration, and so you can also receive further information in advance of the day. You can however just turn up on the day. Pre-booking for talks is not required. We recommend that you arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Will I receive Open Day information by email or post?

After registering you will receive various emails from us that include information on what to expect from the Open Day as well as directions to the campuses and a programme of events.

What time does the event start and finish?

Times do vary for each event so please check our website for the date you wish to attend. Normally Open Days that are held on Wednesdays take place from 2pm-5pm and events that take place on Saturdays are from 11am-3pm.

How do I know which campus to attend?

Before you set off, it is essential to make sure that you are going to the right campus. Check the Open Day details or contact us to find out which campus you need to visit. If you arrive at the wrong campus, staff will be able to direct you to the correct campus. Do not be confused by the automated email that mentions our registered address of 309 Regent Street. This may not be the location of the open day you require.

When I arrive on campus where do I go?

Please go to the main reception area where you will be greeted by student ambassadors and staff who will direct you to the registration desk. We advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your first talk in order to get the most from your visit.

Can I attend at any time during the event?

You can attend any time during the event. However, we do have a timed programme of talks which you may wish to attend. We also have a drop-in area where you can meet with course tutors to discuss your study options. There is no need to book for this.

Do you have a programme of events available?

A programme of events will be emailed out a week before the open day to all those students who booked online. The programme will also be posted up on the website.

Can I bring guests with me?

Absolutely, in fact we recommend it. Friends and family are often keen to see the University that you will be attending and we are very happy for them to come along too.

How long do the talks last?

Each talk lasts approximately 20-40 minutes.

Can I attend more than one talk?

Yes. You can attend more than one talk. Some talks are duplicated so you will only need to attend these once.

What if I am interested in courses on different campuses?

We would normally recommend that you attend the talks that you are most interested in at the campus of the course that is your first choice. It may be possible to attend two of our events at two campuses. We would suggest you check the open day programme of events carefully before you set out, to work out which talks you wish to attend at the different campuses. If a clash of talks is unavoidable, or you miss a talk, don’t worry, we also have a drop-in area where you can meet with course tutors to discuss your study options throughout the day.

Can I get food and drink at the event?

There are cafés on all campuses selling sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

What happens if I can’t attend an Open Day?

If you can’t attend the open day there will be other opportunities to visit the University to see the facilities. Please check on our Open Days pages for details of our future events. If you are unable to attend an open day, we can provide you with a tour of the campus you are interested in studying at. These tours are subject to availability and will need to be booked in advance. Please contact the Course Enquiries Office.

I haven’t received my programme yet. What should I do?

All programmes are emailed out around one week before the event. If you haven’t received it, contact us on 020 7915 5511 or email the Course Enquiries Office. Late bookers will be able to download the programme from the website.

Can I view student accommodation?

Our Halls of Residence at Wembley will be open. You will need to make your own way there. Directions to Wembley Park can be found on our Halls of Residence pages.

Can I have a Campus Tour?

Yes. Student Ambassadors will be giving tours regularly throughout the day.

Will I be able to speak to current students on the day?

Yes. Our Student Ambassadors help us run our Open Days as we feel it is vital that you get a chance to find out what life on campus is really like. Student Ambassadors conduct our Campus Tours. If you also want to get a good insight into student life, pop along and chat to the Students’ Union representatives on the day.

What else will be happening during the day?

There will be advice desks open for admissions, student fees and funding, student accommodation and student services including disability and student advice.

I haven’t pre-booked. Can I just turn up?

While you are welcome to just turn up we would strongly recommend that you pre book. This way we can let you know where to go, what time to arrive and what is going on so you can make the most of the day.

How do I get to the campus?

Please see our locations pages for details of the location of our campuses.

Is there any parking?

Unfortunately there is no parking at our central London Campuses however there are NCP car parks nearby. Please note that if you drive into central London you may have to pay the congestion charge. There is limited parking at the Harrow Campus.

I/my guest(s) have access requirements - will assistance be available during the Open Day?

The University aims to provide the widest possible access for people with a disability. If you think you will have access problems the please contact Course Enquiries Office before attending the Open Day.

I am travelling from outside the area. Can you recommend anywhere to stay close to the campus?

The University has three campuses (Cavendish, Marylebone, Regent) located in central London where there is a huge variety of accommodation available to choose from. Harrow Campus is situated in North-West London at Northwick Park. Details of local accommodation can found on the Visit London website.

I have an enquiry regarding studying at the University of Westminster. Will there be someone I can talk to about this?

There is a wide range of people available on the day to provide the advice you need. For information about entry requirements it is best to talk to subject specific tutors or the admissions team. We also have staff from Student Services, Student Accommodation and Fees and Funding that you can talk to. Alternatively you could speak to some of our students that are studying the course you are interested in to give you a more personal explanation of what it is like to be a student at the University of Westminster.

I have a disability do I need to let you know?

If you or any of your party have a disability or require extra support or facilities at the open days, we are happy to help wherever we can. Please contact the Course Enquiries Office for further help.

Who do I contact for further information?

Please contact the Course Enquiries Office for further information.

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