The Department operates as a small academic school with staff pursuing programmes of research in a range of disciplinary and professional fields, resulting in a sound track record of publications, conference presentations and income-generation. In this capacity academic staff engage in knowledge transfer activities through internal and external consultancy and support postgraduate research at master’s and doctoral levels (PhD and Professional Doctorate). The staff profile pages outline the research and scholarly activities of the Department's researchers.

In addition, the Department has a strategic role across the University in leading, promoting and developing research and scholarship focusing on Higher Education issues. This means that while the Department is a small, collegial and supportive research environment, there is a wider community of researchers and practitioners working with us to promote and support scholarly inquiry. We have a fund to support strategic pedagogic research led by University of Westminster staff and a pedagogic research group meets regularly to share knowledge and practice and develop skills. Our activities are enhanced by our online journal for Higher Education Scholarship and Research, and our seminar series which is accessible to staff outside the University of Westminster.

The Department aspires to a position of research excellence in the field of Higher Education Studies, in order to contribute to the development of national and international communities of scholarship, and to ensure that the quality of learning and teaching within the University of Westminster and more widely in the HE sector is enhanced by our contributions to research and practice. A good practice exchange website provides more detail of our work and an opportunity to connect with us.

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