Semantic computing, a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field, seeks to leverage computer mediated forms of interactions (human-human, human-machine, machine-machine) and intelligence (computational, collective, ambient), in both real and virtual world environments.

Thus, it seeks to advance and apply semantics based computational methods and techniques in order to create a more meaningful interactive paradigm and user experience. SCSE cluster includes researchers from different disciplines, such as Software Engineering, Human-Machine Interaction and addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of Semantic Computing. Areas of particular interest are in real-world applications (eg data integration and collaborative information systems, web, search engines, text analytics, software requirement analysis, software as service, video, speech and image contents analysis, interactive television, automated surveillance systems, gesture and face detection and recognition, affective computing, man-machine interfaces, e-learning) and on virtual-world applications (eg social virtual environments, agents and avatars in metaverse, and games).