SME questions

Teaching and academic support

1. Teaching staff are good at explaining things

2. I am receiving sufficient support and guidance with my studies

3. The module is intellectually stimulating

Comments on teaching and academic support – optional

Resources and learning environment

4. Learning resources (eg library, e-readings, Blackboard materials) have aided my studies

5. Specialist equipment and facilities are available for me to use (if applicable)

6. The rooms allocated for use by this module (eg classrooms, lectures theatres, laboratories, studios) are appropriate

Comments on resources and learning environment – optional


7. Preparing for the assessment helped my learning on the module

Comments on assessment – optional

Coursework feedback

Note: ‘Coursework’ means all forms of assessment, except exams. If you have not completed any coursework, please answer N/A to questions 8 and 9.

8. Coursework feedback has clarified how I can improve in future

9. Coursework feedback was available for me to collect within the published guide times

The guide time for the return of feedback is 15 working days maximum. (Modules with 200+ students have 20 working days maximum, modules with 400+ students have 25 working days.)

Comments on coursework feedback – optional

Overall satisfaction

10. Overall I am satisfied with this module.

What did you most like about the module – optional comments

What did you least like about the module – optional comments

Pencil on a calendar

University calendar

Check the University calendar for term start dates, vacation dates, exam dates and more.

Letters in a card index

Contacts directory

Find a phone number or email address.