Frequently asked questions

Why am I being asked to complete module evaluations?

The evaluation was created to help module leaders continue to improve the design, delivery and assessment of modules. Your feedback enables your module leader to assess whether modules are meeting expectations and identify areas for enhancement.

Which modules will be evaluated?

All undergraduate and postgraduate modules validated by the University of Westminster will be surveyed.

What topic areas are covered?

  • Teaching and academic support
  • Resources and learning environment
  • Assessment
  • Coursework feedback
  • Overall satisfaction

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The questionnaire asks students to indicate their level of agreement with a series of question statements using a five-point scale, in which 5 = definitely agree, 4 = mostly agree, 3 = neither agree or disagree, 2 = mostly disagree and 1 = definitely disagree. Qualitative feedback, although welcomed, is optional.

How long will it take to complete the evaluation?

Approximately three minutes. It will take a little longer if you chose to include comments at the end of each section.

How do I take part?

You will be asked to complete an online SME for each module that you are taking. You will be able to access your SMEs via the web link sent to you by email, or via the Blackboard homepage or the current students homepage.

Is my feedback confidential?

The feedback you provide on modules you are taking is confidential. The aggregated results for each module are anonymised before they are released to module leaders, deans of faculty and heads of departments. Please refer to the SME privacy statement for more information. We advise all students not to identify themselves when completing the free text boxes.

When will the evaluation be available for completion?

Semester 1 modules

Monday 23 November 2015 to Friday 8 January 2016

Semester 2 and year-long modules

Monday 1 March 2016 to Friday 13 May 2016

Practice based modules

Monday  20 June 2016 to Friday 12 August 2016

Your participation is greatly appreciated and will play a key role in shaping future curriculum development.

If you require further information or support please email [email protected]

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