Volunteering guidance

Seeking voluntary work

You are responsible for seeking out your own voluntary opportunities. The Scholarships Office may contact scholarship students with volunteering opportunities happening within the University if and when they arise. These opportunities are infrequent, as they are based on the needs of our academic and professional support staff, so you should not depend on these placements to complete the full amount of your volunteering hours. 

Authorised voluntary activity

The Scholarships Office must approve all volunteering placements, both internal and external, to ensure that the work is appropriate (ie. charitable, philanthropic or for the benefit of the University). 

In order to gain approval, simply contact us via phone: +44 (0)20 7911 5000 ext 66257, 66258 or 66259, or email: [email protected] with the details of your chosen voluntary organisation, and your role within it, and we will either approve or reject it.

Volunteering work with the following charity organisations has been pre-approved, so there is no need to contact us for approval for these activities – Download approved charities list (Excel). Students are welcome and encouraged to seek volunteering outside of this list.

Before seeking approval for your arranged voluntary activities, please make sure that the activity complies with the following requirements:

  • The activity should not be overtly political, eg canvasing for a political party is not appropriate for the purposes of the scholarship.
  • The activity should not be overtly religious, eg teaching religious based classes or evangelising is not appropriate for the purposes of the scholarship.
  • The focus of the activity should be charitable, thus pure unpaid work experience activities are not appropriate, eg accepting unpaid work experience at a corporate law firm is not appropriate for the purposes of the scholarship.
  • Voluntary activity must be carried out within the UK, not internationally.
  • The voluntary activity must not be paid.

Once you find an approved voluntary activity, you are welcome to continue with the charity throughout your degree, alternatively, you are welcome to volunteer with multiple organisations.

It is your responsibility to keep a copy of each form for your records, and to keep an account of how many hours you complete throughout each academic year.

Unless otherwise stated in the Terms of Agreement, all volunteering hours for the relevant academic year must be completed by:

Undergraduate deadline 1 August
Postgraduate deadline (September intake) 1 August
Postgraduate deadline (January intake) 1 December

Going beyond required hours

If you do more than the assigned hours required, the Scholarships Office will record these hours, but they will only count towards the respective academic year. Any additional hours completed will not be carried forward to the next academic year.


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Student Volunteering Service

Hundreds of students volunteer each year, helping charities and other organisations provide essential services to the people of London.