Scholarship information

Voluntary guidelines and information for current scholarship holders

All of our scholarship students participate in a volunteering scheme to assist the University or the local community in a variety of activities. Depending on the type of scholarship, scholarship students complete from 10 to 40 scholarship voluntary hours per year. 

The Scholarships office will inform scholarship students of any opportunities that arise within the university or the local community. However, we cannot provide enough volunteering opportunities to enable every scholarship student to fulfil their voluntary hours. Thus, scholarship students must be proactive about finding their own opportunities for volunteering, either within their department or academic school or with a charity or organisation outside the university.

For more information on voluntary guidelines and information, or to download the Scholarships volunteering form, please visit the Volunteering information page.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am a current student?

If you are an existing student, currently studying at the University of Westminster, unfortunately, you are no longer eligible to apply for our standard fee award scholarships once you have started your course. 

The only exceptions to this are the:

Both of these Scholarships are available for current students to apply for. 

Our office also offers travel grants and mobility awards that you may be eligible to apply for if you are currently studying on a course at the University. These are intended to help current students extend their education abroad, with activities such as attending relevant educational conferences or conducting research overseas.

Find out more about our travel grants and mobility awards.

Additionally, you may want to visit our External opportunities page. From time to time, our office is notified of external opportunities that our current students may qualify for. Though these opportunities are not run or managed by our University, we post these for your information.

Excellence Awards

Each year, the Scholarships Office funds 300 Excellence Awards across the University to reward and encourage our undergraduates to progress in their studies. These are awards go to the top Level 4 and Level 5 undergraduate student (or students) in each course area, as determined by exam boards over the summer. The Scholarships office endeavours to keep the ratio at approximately 1 award to 30 students, so larger courses will receive more awards per course than smaller course areas.

If you qualify for an Excellence Award at the end of your first or second year, then you will be contacted at the end of summer. Each faculty has an Excellence Award ceremony that usually takes place in the following January, whereby awardees receive a certificate and £500 cheque.

The University highly values educational excellence, and the Scholarships Office is proud to reward those students who have worked to set high standards amongst their peers.