Volunteering activity – Various WD Awards

There are a number of different types of volunteering activity that qualify for the HEAR.  For all activity, 25 hours is the minimum number of hours required. 

One-off volunteering opportunities

These are opportunities that require the students to carry out an activity over a short period of time, typically over a course of a day or weekend. For example, a student may go out on a bucket collection as a fundraising exercise for a charity.

Regular volunteering

These are opportunities that we source from charities and other similar organisations, where the volunteer spends a specified amount of time (typically one day a week for a period of 3 months) supporting the host organisation to deliver a project. The majority of the volunteering opportunities that we advertise fall under this category.

This type of volunteering work gives students the chance to develop key transferrable skills and work experience necessary to help them stand out when applying for paid jobs after graduation.

Student-led volunteering

The Student-led volunteering (SLV) project is an extra-curricular activity that brings together teams of students to work on a community/social enterprise project of their own choosing. Training, one-to-one mentoring, logistical and administrative support all prepare them to experience the practicalities of bid-writing, pitching, negotiations, team work and a host of other very highly sought-after employability skills and experiences.

Volunteering Award – 3 annual awards

The number and range of awards are reviewed annually. Clear criteria and the nomination deadline are published in February or March each year. Nominations and supporting evidence are submitted online and a panel is then set up to judge applications and select the three most committed volunteers of the year.

For more details, visit the Careers blog.

For more information on any volunteering activities, contact Berekhet Berakhy at [email protected] or visit the Volunteering opportunities page.

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