Section 6.1: Additional achievements

The HEAR provides us with an opportunity to record achievements outside of your studies. These additional achievements will be recorded under section 6.1 of your HEAR.

Only recognised activities will be included, from these three categories of additional achievement.

If you are a member of staff and know of an extra-curricular activity that should be included in section 6.1, please complete the HEAR 6.1. Extra – Curricular Activity Approval Form.

If you have any queries regarding the form, please email [email protected]

Academic prizes

These include University, Faculty, departmental and course prizes. Prizes awarded by external bodies can also be included, on the condition that the prize can be verified by the University. These prizes are largely based on academic achievement. Read more about Academic prizes.

Westminster Distinctiveness Awards

There are a range of opportunities for personal and professional development available at the University. These can be added to your HEAR as Westminster Distinctiveness Awards once they have been completed and verified. These awards are largely based on non-academic achievement.

Find out more about Westminster Distinctiveness Awards.

Other types of achievement

This category will include other recognised activity not linked to an award. Find out more here.

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Westminster Distinctiveness Awards

Check out the personal and professional development opportunities available to you.

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