Student engagement leads

The six Student Engagement Leads (SELs) work as a team to tell fellow students about the work that Learning Futures is doing to improve their experience at Westminster. They consult with and encourage other students to share their views and ideas, and act as a key point of contact about Learning Futures for students. They facilitate an effective two-way communication process between the Learning Futures programme, faculties, Students' Union and students. They also contribute to the development of a learning environment where students and staff work collaboratively to enhance the learning experience at Westminster.

Boris Buchkov
[email protected]

“Hi my name is Boris Buchkov and I am the Student Engagement Lead for the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. I am a first year student, studying BSc Real Estate at the Marylebone campus.” 

Charlotte Behzadifar
[email protected]

"Hi my name is Charlotte Behzadifar, and I am the Student Engagement Lead for the Faculty of Science and Technology. I am currently in my second year of my Biological Sciences degree at the School of Life Sciences."

Dennis Georgian Lucan
[email protected]

“Hi, my name is Dennis Georgian Lucan and I am your Student Engagement Lead for Westminster Business School. I study Business Management (Entrepreneurship pathway) and I am in my second year. I will give my best to represent our faculty in a professional manner and make sure that our views and opinions are correctly transmitted. Hope to meet you all very soon.”

James Hutchinson
[email protected]

"My name is James Hutchinson and I am the Student Engagement Lead for the School of Media, Arts and Design (MAD), based at the Harrow Campus. I'm currently in my second year at Westminster, studying Contemporary Media Practice and am looking to pursue a career in media investment and creative direction when I graduate."

Nisha Patel
[email protected]

"Hi my name is Nisha Patel and I am your Student Engagement Lead for the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. I study English and History and am in my second year at Westminster. I am a transfer student from Nottingham Trent and hope to meet you all very soon."

Sofia Backstrom
[email protected]

“My name is Sofia Backstrom and I am the Student Engagement Lead for the Westminster Business School, based at the Marylebone campus. I am currently in my second year, studying Business Management with a Human Resource Management pathway. I am looking to pursue a career in HR when I graduate.”


  • Working closely with Learning Futures project managers and academic staff to proactively consult students, capture and present student views, and contribute ideas to inform Learning Futures work.
  • Provide logistical support for and facilitate at Learning Futures student engagement events, workshops and activities. This includes organising and promoting events, recruiting support from fellow students, and encouraging students from all faculties to take part in events.
  • Convene and co-ordinate student focus groups.
  • Promote and take part in Learning Futures events by making suggestions based on the views gathered from fellow students as well as their own views.
  • Advise the Learning Futures team on the best ways and times for communicating with students about Learning Futures.
  • Collect, collate and present feedback and/or measurement data for student events and activities, including informal observations and insights.
  • Prepare for, attend and participate constructively in Learning Futures meetings, such as project boards and task group meetings.
  • Contribute to developing resources including video clips, webinars, interviews, and surveys capturing student viewpoints.