Frequently asked questions

We'll send you an email with details of your ceremony and a link to the online booking system. Details of when you will receive your invitation can be found on our Prepare for your ceremony page.

Emails will be sent to your University email address only. If you think you should be graduating but do not receive our email, contact us as soon as possible.

When you receive our email invitation to the online booking system, you'll have the option to book up to four guest tickets.

Guest tickets are £28 each.

You may purchase as many tickets as you require however, we can only guarantee four in the first instance.

Should we not be able to fulfil your request you will be refunded for any unallocated tickets.

Yes, you'll still need to complete the application process, as we need to know how many people will be attending.

Yes, it's essential that you complete the application process - places for graduands are not automatically allocated.

Note that as a graduand, your ticket will be free of charge.

If you don't pass your final assessments, you'll be refunded in full for any tickets you've bought. You will then be invited to the next relevant ceremony.

No, you should complete the application process as soon as possible, to ensure that you're allocated tickets. However, please do not pay for your tickets until the results are released.

Once the results are released you will receive an email asking you to pay. 

There may be a limited number of tickets available on the day, but this is not guaranteed. We strongly recommend that you order all your tickets by completing the online booking process.

Any tickets bought on the day can be purchased for cash only and will cost £30. 

We understand that your ceremony is a family celebration and children are welcome to attend. However the ceremonies are formal occasions and therefore may not be appropriate for young children.

If you do wish to bring children you will need to purchase a ticket for children over two years and they will need to be seated with a guest, we are unable to seat children with graduates. Please note that there are no concessions. Childcare facilities are not available at the venue.

The ceremony is shown on screens in the foyers of the Royal Festival Hall so you can opt to have children attend the day with you but not be seated in the auditorium.

Yes, but please note that wheelchair seating is limited and should be booked in advance. If you or your guests have any special requirements, please note this when requested during the online booking process or, if you have already booked, contact the Ceremonies Office directly.

We can provide you with a supporting letter for your visa application, but please note that we cannot include the names of your guests on the letter.

Visit our Booking your place page for further details.

Graduand and guest tickets are not sent out - you will need to collect your tickets from the venue on the day of the ceremony.

You will have received an e-ticket prior to the ceremony and must bring this with you to collect your tickets.

All graduating students are required to wear academic dress, which can be hired from Ede & Ravenscroft. We also recommend that graduands wear a shirt or blouse, to enable the hood of the gown to be attached to one of the buttons. For more information, visit our Graduation gowns page.

For guests, there is no official dress code. However, as the ceremony is a formal event, we recommend that guests wear smart dress.

Your gown should be ordered at least three weeks before the ceremony from Ede & Ravenscroft, who are the University's official gown supplier. The cost of hiring an academic gown is dependent on your level of award, but typically costs between £45 and £65.

The time of your ceremony will be indicated on your invitation and your e-ticket. You'll need to arrive at least one hour and a half before your ceremony is due to start, to make sure you have enough time to collect your tickets and gown.

Each ceremony lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

For more details on the schedule, visit the Your Graduation Ceremony page.

In November 2016 the ceremony will be held at the Royal Festival Hall. For more details about the venue and getting there, visit the Your Graduation Ceremony page.

You will sit with other graduands at the front of the auditorium, organised alphabetically by award and course. Each course is announced, followed by the names of all graduands attending. If you have achieved a First Class Honours or Distinction, this will also be announced. As your name is read out, you will walk across the stage to shake hands with the Vice-Chancellor or his nominee.

Guests will sit in a separate area, in the rear stalls and balcony of the auditorium.

Yes, but please be considerate of those sitting around you if photographing or filming during the event. Professional photographs and a film of the ceremony will be available to purchase after the ceremony.

Tempest are the official photographers for the ceremonies and will be present at each event. You can get your photos taken on the day and can then either buy the prints straight away at the ceremony or buy them online after the event. The cost of the prints varies depending on the package you want to buy - for more details, visit the Graduation photography page.

Visit the Tempest website for more details.

We will send your certificate by post to your home address, usually within eight to ten weeks of your award being confirmed.

If you have any queries regarding your certificate, or you do not receive your certificate within three months of your award being confirmed, contact the Conferments Office by email.

For more information, visit our Award Certificates page.

You can visit us in person between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. You can also contact us by phone or email.

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