MAD Coursework Submission

Coursework submission deadlines

Coursework must be submitted before 6pm on the submission date set by the module leader. Submission dates should be announced during the first week of lectures. If you are unsure of the deadline, please check the module's Blackboard site or ask the relevant Module Leader. Any work submitted after 6pm will be recorded as a late submission (see 'Late submission penalties', below).

Electronic submission

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all coursework must be submitted via Blackboard only. It will automatically be scanned through a text-matching system (designed to check for possible plagiarism).

Please do not attach a CA1 form or any other form of cover sheet.

You must include your name and student ID on the first page of your assignment. 

To submit your assignment:

  • Log in to Blackboard
  • Go to the relevant module Blackboard site
  • Click on the ‘Submit Coursework’ link in the navigation menu on the left-hand side, as advised by the module teaching team
  • Click on the link for the relevant assignment
  • Follow the instructions

You can also view our coursework submission guidelines on YouTube

Essays emailed directly to tutors will not be accepted. Please contact your module leader or see your module's Blackboard site if you require further instructions regarding electronic submission.

How to reduce file sizes for uploads

Issues can occur if you try to to upload large essays/files to Blackboard and Turnitin. Here are some guides on how to reduce the size of particular files:

How to submit coursework to the Media, Arts & Design (MAD) Registry

Any paper-based coursework that has approved exemption from the electronic submission policy should be submitted through the letter box to the left of the MAD Registry Office student entrance door, on the ground floor of XF Block. XF Block is open daily from 8.15am to 9.15pm, subject to change by security staff.

A coursework cover sheet (CA1) must be attached to the front of every piece of coursework you submit to the Registry, to ensure that the work is correctly logged and collected by the appropriate module leader for marking.

CA1 forms for each assignment are available from your record on SRSWeb – please just ensure you select the correct module and correct assignment. A blank coursework cover sheet (CA1 Form) may also be used. Ensure you complete the cover sheet fully and clearly, to avoid any delays in processing. Coursework must additionally be securely stapled or bound (not paper-clipped) and should not be submitted in a sealed envelope, as Registry staff need to date-stamp the CA1 form.

How to submit studio-based coursework during a class or other formally allotted time directly to your tutor

Any coursework that is required to be submitted during class (eg studio-based work, portfolios, or artefacts) should be handed directly to the tutor. On submission, you will be required to sign-in on a module class list in the presence of the tutor. The tutor will then provide a copy of the sign-in sheet to the Registry office to be logged. No coursework should be left in classrooms or studios or academic staff offices without being signed-in, in the presence of the Tutor – any work that is left without being signed-in is done at the student’s own risk, since there will be no record of the time submitted or proof of submission.

Late submission penalties

Coursework submitted late but within 24 hours/one working day of the specified deadline, will have 10% of the overall available marks deducted, to a minimum of the pass mark (40% at undergraduate level, 50% at postgraduate level). For example, a piece of assessment awarded a mark of 70% would be reduced to 60% as a penalty for late submission.

Coursework submitted more than 24 hours/one working day after the specified deadline will be given a mark of zero.