FST Coursework Submission

From September 2012, the University made a commitment to move away from paper-based coursework submission, to an online submission service for students. This was requested by you and led by the Students' Union. It is now a key part of our green agenda. Online submission and online marking feedback will offer many great benefits to students: saving on paper and travel costs, offering greater accessibility as you can complete work and submit from home, better security for your work, full electronic receipts, and helping to speed up the assessment process.

Coursework and assignments that can be submitted and marked online should now be part of this scheme. Modules in the faculty that have joined the scheme will have coursework submitted online via your module Blackboard site. It is from Blackboard that you will be able to see if the module is in the scheme and submit your coursework. Paper submissions for these modules should no longer be accepted.

Submitting coursework/assessments online

Do not leave it to the last minute. Remember that while upload times can be very fast, they can depend on the size and type of file and/ or your internet connection and can take between 2 and 10 minutes to upload.

Do include your Name, ID number, Module title, Module Code and the Coursework title on your work.

  • Go to the Blackboard site for the module you are submitting an assessment for.
  • Click on the ‘Assessment’ link.
  • Click on ‘View/complete’ for the item of assessment you are submitting the work.
  • Click on ‘submit’, and choose the method you want to submit your work by, open your item using the browse button - click UPLOAD.
  • A preview of your essay will appear - this is the last chance to check the essay is the correct document - if so click ‘SUBMIT’.
  • An email receipt will be sent to your University email account.

Coursework submitted up to 24 hours late will receive a deduction of 10 marks. Coursework submitted after 24 hours will receive a mark of zero.

For a visual guide, a downloadable PDF and how to see your marks and feedback in Blackboard, visit the Blackboard Google site.

Students with learning difficulties

Students with specific learning difficulties will be sent a unique electronic sticker by Disability Learning Support, which includes a personalised reference number. They will be instructed on the electronic method for attaching the sticker to their coursework.


The deadline for all coursework – electronic and hard copy versions – is 10am on the date set by your Module Leader. If you are unsure of the deadline, please check the module's Blackboard site or ask the Module Leader. Please be advised that the deadline time for all coursework is always 10am. If you are told this is not the case, please get in touch with the Registry Office immediately.

Submitting a hard copy of your assessment

All hard copy coursework requires a completed coursework cover sheet (CA1 Form), stapled securely to the front. Hard copy work should be submitted at the Registry Office on the First Floor, Cavendish Campus, Room C1.06. Submit via the posting slots. Hard copies of coursework will be collected at 10am every weekday. Any work submitted after 10am will be collected at 10am the next working day, and will be marked with that days date.

If you are unsure as to why you are being asked to submit work in hard copy, please speak with your module leader. The work may contain items that can’t be uploaded (such as graphs or mathematical equations).

Coursework submitted up to 24 hours late will receive a deduction of 10 marks. Coursework submitted after 24 hours will receive a mark of zero.

Mitigating Circumstances

If you are unable to submit your coursework or attend an assessment due to unforeseen, unpreventable, serious circumstances you may be eligible to claim for Mitigating Circumstances. The University operates a ‘fit to sit’ policy which means if you submit a piece of coursework or sit an exam and/or in class test, you have deemed yourself fit to do so. You cannot submit a claim for mitigating circumstances in this case.

Claims should be submitted as close to the deadline for the item of work as possible. Please follow the guidelines and complete the MC form fully, this helps the Registry in administering your claim correctly and efficiently. Unfortunately, claims with missing information may not be considered and may have to be returned to you.

Instructions on how to complete the Mitigating Circumstances form.