Forms and procedures

If you have previous certificated or experiential learning relevant to your course, you may be able to apply to have it credited towards your University of Westminster award.

Recognition of Prior Learning forms and more information

If you believe that you have a valid case, based on evidence, that a material irregularity has occurred in the conduct of an Assessment Board or Mitigating Circumstances Board, you should complete an Appeals Form.

Appeals form and more information

If you would like to transfer to a different course at the University, and have discussed your transfer with your current and prospective course leaders, you'll need to complete the Internal Course Transfer Form.

Course Transfer form and more information

If your term-time address, home address or other contact details change during your studies, you'll need to let us know by updating your details on SRSWeb. Similarly, if your name changes, you'll need to notify us.

More information on changing your personal details

If you think that the standard of academic or service provision has fallen short of what may reasonably be expected, read the Student Complaints Procedure for guidance on raising your concerns or making a formal complaint.

Formal Complaints form and more information

If you need to apply for a Tier 4 Visa or for an extension of your Tier 4 Visa, you will first need to apply to the University for a CAS.

Request for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies form and more information

For Coursework coversheets (CA1 forms) and information related to coursework submission procedures, please check the following pages:

When provisional exam timetables are published, if you find that two or more of your exams clash (ie they have been scheduled for the same day and time), you'll need to complete the Exam Clash Form.

Exam Timetable Clash form and more information

If you are experiencing a temporary disability, eg a broken limb, that will affect you during the exam period, check with your Faculty Registry Office to find out whether special exam arrangements may be made.

Request for Individual Exam Arrangements for Temporary Conditions form and more information

If serious, unforeseen, and unpreventable circumstances have resulted in your being unable to attend an assessment or submit an assignment, or have resulted in the late submission of an assignment (up to five working days only), you should complete a Mitigating Circumstances Claim via e-vison.

How to make a Mitigating Circumstances claim and more information

During module registration, which takes place each year in March/April, you will need to select your modules for the next academic year. Most students will need to register their module choices online, but some students will need to complete a paper module registration form.

More information on module registration

If you need a letter to confirm your student status, whether it is to open a bank account or receive your council tax exemption, complete the Official Letter Request Form.

Official Letter Request form and more information

In certain special circumstances, you may need to request to sit your exams abroad.

Request to sit University of Westminster Exams Abroad form and more information

If you believe that an assessment mark has been wrongly recorded in the Student Records System, and you have evidence to support your claim, complete the Results Investigation Form.

Results Investigation Form and more information

If you have decided to withdraw from or suspend your studies, you'll need to complete either the Withdrawal from Studies Form or Suspension of Studies Form.

Withdrawal from Studies and Suspension of Studies Forms and more information

University Regulations, Policies & Procedures

Check the academic regulations for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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