What is MusicTank?

MusicTank is the University of Westminster’s music business development network.

It is the only unique, neutral information hub for UK music business, addressing change and innovation through informed debate, objective analysis and industry engagement.

MusicTank brings hot topics into sharp focus and aims not only to address challenges that the music industry faces, but to circulate innovative ideas, best practice and cutting-edge strategies to increase innovation and productivity across the music industry.

As music business becomes more competitive and the entry level continues to lower through technological development, there has never been a more acute need for access to thorough, cutting edge, of-the-minute professional expertise and market intelligence.

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What are the benefits of joining?

You'll enjoy a variety of benefits by joining MusicTank.


The MusicTank archive includes key reports that have been commissioned over the past 10 years including:

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Events/Transcript archive

Over the past seven years, MusicTank has built an enviable reputation for its ongoing and unique programme of think tank discussion panels, conferences, events, short courses and the commissioning of reports.

All activity is recorded, transcribed, filmed, and uploaded on the MusicTank website.

By joining, you'll have access to key thinking via our seven-year archive of event transcripts, featuring 350+ key industry professionals, digital wonks, savants and entrepreneurs.

For a taster, have a look at our event, It Started with a Click: How to Spawn a Viral Hit

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A rich repository of news and information

The MusicTank website serves as a rich repository of information spanning the entire music industry, including:

  • current and archived music industry news
  • sector-specific information
  • copyright and law
  • small business support
  • marketing, promotion and distribution
  • funding
  • venues and touring
  • technology
  • digital music

Visit the MusicTank website.

Summary of MusicTank key resources 

  • New site designed to make navigating the music business easier through filtering by industry–specific sectors. All our blogs, resources, events and reports and papers have been categorised to make visitor experience more user-friendly and resource-searching friendly
  •   New Publications section – view and download MusicTank reports, insight papers and transcripts from an extensive archive of 13+ years
  •   Industry Insights – we’ve amassed a range of free industry reports and insight papers. A perfect industry research tool
  •   An update of our Industry Resources section
  •   Reader’s Corner – featuring a hand-picked selection of interesting and thought-provoking music industry books
  • Jobs board for students to access

How to join

Joining MusicTank is simple, you'll just need to follow our easy 3 step guide – it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

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