Referred applications and meeting dates

Applications for external speakers to attend UWSU society events should be submitted to the UWSU as outlined within the SU Societies Charter. The UWSU will consider all applications in the first instance. Where the UWSU are unable to make a decision to approve/reject a proposed external speaker, it will be referred to the RSAC for consideration.

There are three deadline dates in each semester for the submission of referred student activity applications by the UWSU. Societies should take note of these dates if they expect an application for an external speaker(s).

Dates of the RSAC meetings are then scheduled to ensure applications are considered as soon as possible.

2015-16 deadlines for referred applications

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Monday 12 October 2015 Monday 25 January 2016 Monday 9 May 2016
Monday 9 November 2015 Monday 22 February 2016 Tuesday 31 May 2016
Monday 7 December 2015 Monday 21 March 2016 Monday 20 June 2016

2015-16 RSAC meetings

22 September 2015 1 February 2016 16 May 2016
20 October 2015 3 March 2016 8 June 2016
16 November 2015 30 March 2016 June 2016 (date TBC)
14 December 2015    


RSAC news and updates

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UWSU Societies Charter

Organising a Student Union Society event? Check out the UWSU's Societies Charter procedures.