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Mindfulness and meditation

Exploring the concepts and skills to enhance our lives.

Tolerance: the process of moderating one's attitude between acceptance and rejection.

Empathy: the power of projecting one's personality into the object of contemplation.

Resilience: the determination to maintain a sense of well-being under adverse conditions.

Meditation: the practice of attending to our inner state of mind, body and spirit.

All classes are available to staff and students at the University of Westminster running from 16 January until late June 2017. 

Please email the Assistant Interfaith Adviser David Morris on [email protected] to book a place, to arrange a one-to-one introduction to the practise, or to discuss interest.

Regent Street: Mondays, 10.30–11am, room B29

Marylebone: Wednesdays, 10.30–11am, room B205

Harrow: Wednesdays, 2–2.30pm, room AG.11 (The Contemplation Room)

101 New Cavendish Street: Thursdays, 8.30–9am and 1.30–2pm, room CH1.08


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