Access to buildings

The University of Westminster aims to develop an accessible and welcoming estate for its disabled students and staff.

For more details on accessing our buildings, visit our access pages on the DisabledGo website.

Access to technology

Each of the libraries at the University of Westminster has an Assistive Technology area specifically for students with disabilities. Access to this technology is password protected and students with disabilities are given priority on this equipment. To access this equipment, you'll need to register with a Disability Adviser.

There is also assistive technology networked across the University, for example, SensesAccess, which allows you to convert files into accessible formats. For example, a PDF into an MP3 file. For more details see the SensesAccess page.

For full details, please download the library access guide for disabled students (PDF).

If you need any help contact your Disability Support Representative for help.

Access to Parking

Central London Campuses

If you are a Blue Badge Holder, although you can use your Blue Badge within the City of Westminster, this borough is not part of the national Badge Scheme which means that your parking allowances would be restricted.

Students studying at Westminster University can apply for the City of Westminster’s White Badge scheme, which gives additional parking benefits.

For more information, including the location of parking bays and how to apply for a White Badge visit Westminster City Council's website.

Harrow Campus

If you are a Blue Badge Holder and are studying at Harrow, you will be able to have access to a car parking permit. Please contact us for details

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