Westminster Volunteering Roll of Honour

See our 2015 Volunteering Roll of Honour.

What is the Volunteering Roll of Honour?

Starting from the beginning of the next academic year (September 2013), the Career Development Centre will be rolling out a new scheme to honour and recognise all of those students that have taken part in activities in addition to their education and paid work.

What will it involve?

The Career Development Centre will have a dedicated page for honours, where the following details will be published.

  • Full name of the student
  • Description of the activity in which the student has taken part, including dates
  • Length of involvement up to the point when the student reports the activity (in hours)
  • Description of the primary beneficiaries of the student’s efforts

The student will also be able to print her/his achievements into a Certificate of Achievement to take away and validate, where applicable, with a seal from the party or parties who were involved in the activities in which he took part. This might be an organisation or a community group.

What type of activities will it honour?

These activities will include anything that the student can demonstrate to have supported his/her personal development or made a contribution to better the lives of the people of his/her community. Examples of such activities might include, but are not limited to, volunteering or a work experience with an organisation.

Are there any other eligibility criteria?

  1. He/she must be a current student at the University of Westminster
  2. To be considered for the honour, the student must complete at least 50 hours worth of an activity

How long will the honour last?

From the day it was posted, each honour will be live until the graduation date of the student being honoured.

For related questions or comments, please email Berekhet at [email protected]