Getting started with volunteering

As with all types of jobs, paid or unpaid, preparation is key to making an impression on your prospective organisation.

Choosing the right voluntary work for you

Think carefully about what motivates you, but also think about:

  • how much time you have available
  • which areas or locations you would like to work in
  • which size organisation you would prefer to work for
  • what your areas of interest are

If you need more help or guidance, get in touch with us at [email protected] or on 020 3506 6112

Applying for your first volunteering opportunity

Not all volunteering opportunities require the same application procedure. Some organisations might want to speak to you on the phone, others might ask you to send in a CV, covering letter and/or application form.

If you need to send in a CV, edit your CV to match the volunteering opportunity you are applying for.

Visit our CVs, cover letters and applications page for general tips on preparing job applications.

Download our Volunteering Services guide, which details the policies and procedures around volunteering

Spend some time researching the organisation to ensure that it’s the right choice for you and to have a better understanding of what it does and how you may best support it.

Speak to our Career Consultants

Before sending out your application form, calling a host organisation or sitting for an interview, organise a quick query session with one of our Career Consultants by calling 020 7911 5184 or emailing [email protected]

Download our flowchart of a typical volunteer journey, the stages you’ll go through and the support you can expect from us along the way.

What to do if you don’t hear back

Don’t feel discouraged by the lack of response. Not all organisations have the resources to reply to each applicant – most of them will only have time to write to applicants that have made the short list.

Some organisations will, however, provide feedback on your application if you ask them. Always try to get feedback if you can – it will allow you to identify areas to improve in your application for next time.

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