Finishing volunteering

When you finish your placement many organisations will hold an exit interview with you. The purpose of the interview is to ascertain why you’re leaving the position, hear your suggestions for improving the role and explore any other ways you might be interested in continuing to volunteer within the organisation.

We will send an email to you, in addition to the external organisation's exit interview, asking for general feedback on your experiences during the placement. This feedback will be used to evaluate your experience but it will also be used to review the suitability of the placement for other University of Westminster volunteers.

If you'd like to continue volunteering, we will work on finding appropriate placements either within your current host organisation or another.

You'll also be encouraged to see a careers consultant to help you maximise your volunteering experience to enhance you learning and future job seeking activities.

Updating your CV

Evaluating your volunteering experience is as important as the experience itself. By reflecting on what you have gained, you can put the experience into context and identify the next steps towards your long-term career goals.

If you would like support in this area, please book a session with one of our Career Consultants by email or telephone, 020 7911 5184.