Talent Bank frequently asked questions

What is the Talent Bank?

The Talent Bank is a scheme designed to provide University of Westminster students the opportunity to gain paid, temporary and part-time work in University departments. It is also a scheme through which University of Westminster departments can quickly appoint staff to fill part-time vacancies both casual/ad-hoc and longer-term roles. The scheme is designed to be reciprocal, providing students with the opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’ and develop their skills/experience yet also provide an efficient means for departments to fulfil their staffing requirements.

Eligibility to Apply for Talent Bank

In order to be eligible to apply to the Talent Bank, you need to be fully enrolled on a course of at least two semesters in duration. Applications from students on shorter courses will not be considered.

How does the Talent Bank work?

IIn order to register and be considered for a variety of job vacancies within the University, you will need to complete a short online application form and submit your CV and a supporting statement to the Talent Bank. For more information please see the How Do I Apply section on the Talent Bank page.

  1. Upon meeting the selection criteria, you will be registered with the Talent Bank. You will be informed if you are successful and what the next steps are via email.
  2. You can now start applying for different roles offered through Talent Bank. Once you have shown interest in a particular vacancy, we will refer your application to the relevant department.
  3. The relevant department will then select candidates to interview.
  4. The relevant department will let Talent Bank know who they would like to offer a position and Talent Bank will notify the successful candidates(s).

When and how do I get paid?

If employed by the University of Westminster students get paid once a month on a pay rate of National Minimum Wage, £9.40 or £12 an hour depending on a position. Students will be required to fill in the timesheet each month and will be paid on a monthly basis according to their timesheets. Payment will be made directly to their account 22nd of each month.

If employed by the external company, you will be advised on this by the employer.

What skills and experience will I need?

The specific skills and experience required will vary for each position, however we do look for the following;


  • Self-motivated with enthusiasm, initiative and a ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Able to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Reliability and good timekeeping
  • Excellent customer service skills


  • Previous work experience
  • Microsoft Office Skills (Word, Excel, Outlook)
Paper and foldback clip.

Talent Bank roles

Here are some examples of Talent Bank roles that may come up throughout the year.