Talent Bank Case Study - Susana Byun

Susana Byun

Name: Susana Byun

Course:  MA Marketing Communications 

School: Westminster Business School

Year of graduation: 2017

1. How did the Talent Bank help you?

Whilst pursuing my Masters degree, I achieved an enriching part-time opportunity at the University thanks to the Talent Bank programme. Moreover, I was able to train and improve my performance in job interviews through Talent Bank’s advice and coaching. I owe much of the success in getting my current job position to the Talent Bank's thorough support and guidance. 

2. Would you recommend the Talent Bank to your friends in the University?

Yes, definitely. It's a unique chance for students to apply to interesting work opportunities and gain professional experience, thus strengthening their set of skills and leveraging future career prospects. Moreover, flexible schedules offered by employers allows students to avail themselves of a good work-study balance, benefitting them both academically and professionally. 

3. Briefly describe the experience you gained in the role(s)

I've worked in two jobs at the University of Westminster through the Talent Bank so far: the first was a 2-week job as a Data Collection assistant for an NHS survey in March, which eventually led to a second job as a Data Input Assistant based on my performance and IT expertise. There, I had the opportunity to learn more about research techniques and practice my interpersonal and interviewing skills, an ability that I deem paramount as a communications professional.

The second job is my current position as International Recruitment Team Assistant in the Recruitment, Admissions and Marketing Services department. My initial scope of work was to provide administrative support to regional managers, but I'm widening my responsibilities by getting involved with corporate content development, social media and liaison with partners and students, among other activities. It's been a great experience to contribute in such a strategic part of the university's business and, at the same time, put in practice my communications and PR skills.

4. What is different about the Talent Bank compared to other recruitment agencies?

I haven't used any other recruitment agency in UK, but I can assert that Talent Bank provides a full and bespoke guidance for students to find excellent part-time jobs, hone their skills and have a financial income source throughout their academic journey.

5. What key skills have you gained from the Talent Bank?

Improved self-confidence in job interviews

Enhanced transferrable skills: responsibility, time management and interpersonal communication

6. Was the Talent Bank application process a useful experience?

Yes, indeed. The Talent Bank's 1-on-1 job interview and group dynamic mock-ups were rather enlightening, not to mention the enriching international network I've made throughout the process.

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