Talent Bank Case Study - Samantha Brooks-Hutchinson

Samantha brooks hutchinson – Talent-Bank student

Name: Samantha Brooks-Hutchinso

Course: Business Management (Finance)

School: Westminster Business School

Year of graduation: 2019

1. How did the Talent Bank help you? 

Through Talent Bank, I was hired as a Waste Data Assistant within the Sustainability team at the University. The experiences I have gained through Talent Bank have helped me to accomplish my goal of developing key transferable skills for example in Communication, Teamwork and Problem Solving.

2. Would you recommend the Talent Bank to your friends in the University? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend. Talent Bank offers you good opportunities to gain professional experience and to strengthen your current skills set. For me, I have gained valuable experience which has helped me in my studies and when applying for a Placement Year as part of my degree. Furthermore, the flexibility of having a job at the University also means I have a good work-life balance.

3. Briefly describe the experience you gained in the role(s) 

I was responsible for looking after one of the University’s inter-department Excel database used to report data, improving my IT skills. I also communicated with different stakeholders around the University on different sustainability issues, for example taking part in different events to try and get  students and staff to sign up to the sustainability blog. Talent Bank helped me to financially support myself and gain exposure to a different working environment that has helped me in my career prospects.

4. What is different about the Talent Bank compared to other recruitment agencies? 

The Talent Bank offers you a part-time job within the University so you study and work at the same place. I worked at Tesco for a few days but I couldn’t carry on because of my academic timetable. Talent Bank roles are unique, well paid, flexible and always fit around your academic timetable. Working within the University while studying as a full-time student is a very unique and great opportunity.

5. Finally, do you have any tips for students who are thinking about becoming part of Talent Bank? 

I would recommend when applying, to submit your applications early because applications are considered every 2-3 months.

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