Talent Bank Case Study - Muhammed Alam

Muhammed Alam

Name: Muhammed Alam

Course: Electornic Engineering Integrated MA

School: Faculty of Science and Technology

Year of graduation: 2016

1. How did the Talent Bank help you? 

The Talent Bank helped me to find part-time work throughout the two years of my undergraduate degree course and helped me to gain highly valued work experience within the University whilet studying as a full-time student. It helped me to gain practical work experience in different professional areas while studying a specific degree course.

2. Would you recommend the Talent Bank to your friends in the University? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Talent Bank to my friends and fellow student as it is a really useful resource to gain unique work experience within the University. It is a great way of getting flexible part time jobs that fit around your academic time table. It is an excellent opportunity to gain distinct work experience to increase your employability before entering the graduate life after University.

3. Briefly describe the experience you gained in the role(s) 

I have gained a number of different roles via the Talent Bank in the two years of my degree course. My first role was as a Polyclinic Assistant in the Life Sciences Department. I was also employed as a Student IT helper where I was responsible to provide technical support for all the University. Currently, I am working as a Student Affairs Information Assistant where I am responsible to provide a high quality welcome to all visitors to the University and provide general administrative support to departmental activities.

4. What is different about the Talent Bank compared to other recruitment agencies? 

The Talent Bank offers you a part-time job within the University so you study and work at the same place. I worked at Tesco for a few days but I couldn’t carry on because of my academic timetable. Talent Bank roles are unique, well paid, flexible and always fit around your academic timetable. Working within the University while studying as a full-time student is a very unique and great opportunity.

5. Do you have an example of how the Talent Bank has made an impact on your employment opportunities? 

I recently received a summer internship offer from Barclays Global Technology Team – Barclays Bank Headquarter, Canary Wharf as an Application Management and Technology Analyst. Barclays senior managers were particularly impressed with experience I have gained within the University whilst studying as a full time student. One of the Barclays Global Heads who interviewed me gave me this feedback: “Muhammad, I have been interviewing for the past many years but your answers are very different and unique than other candidates and it’s because of the diverse range of work experience which you have gained within the University throughout your undergraduate degree.” The competition was extremely tough and there were candidates from across the UK but the Talent Bank work experience helped me to standout from other candidates so I am very grateful and extremely thankful for the valuable work experience opportunities.

6. What key skills have you gained from the Talent Bank? 

I have developed essential presentation skills for academic life and employment, and gained confidence in presenting to both skilled and less skilled audiences. I have gained excellent communication, team work and transferable skills through different roles. I have developed the ability to get along with others by gaining self-confidence, mediation and negotiation. I have enhanced my knowledge of Microsoft Word Documents, Excel Workbooks, Power-Point Presentations and Outlook emails.

7. Was the Talent Bank application process a useful experience? 

The Talent Bank application process was a very useful experience as it incorporated application, assessment and interview stages – it is a brilliant experience to go through these as all big employer companies will have similar application procedures.

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