Talent Bank Case Study - Henriette Stoll

Henriette Stoll

Name: Henriette Stoll

Course:  Public Relations and Advertising

School: Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design

Year of graduation: 2017

1. How did the Talent Bank help you?

Without the Talent Bank, I’d never have found my placement at Bright Bee as it was only sparsely advertised, and it also helped mediating every step of the way from application, to telephone and real interview to me signing the contract.

2. Would you recommend the Talent Bank to your friends in the University?

I already have multiple times! The jobs advertised are usually paid so much better than student jobs you might find elsewhere and you are more likely to find a serious position.

3. Briefly describe the experience you gained in the role(s).

I was Bright Bee PR’s Account Co-Ordinator, which gave me a much more hands-on experience than my degree in PR could at that point, assured me that I had made the right choice and gave me industry insight that most of my essays I still had to write definitely benefited from

4. What is different about the Talent Bank compared to other recruitment agencies?

I don’t really know how other recruitment agencies work, but the link to the University that most employers seek out and the personal approach of the Talent Bank officers is a definite advantage in my opinion.

5. Do you have an example of how the Talent Bank has made an impact on your employment opportunities?

I have yet to graduate but the connections I have made and the experience I’ve gained definitely sets me apart from my peers and I was able to secure another position looking after a start-up’s social media accounts with more responsibilities and freedom just shortly after my first role.

6. What key skills have you gained from the Talent Bank?

I feel more confident writing Cover Letters and CVs now, something that was a complete mystery to me before.

7. Was the Talent Bank application process a useful experience?

Yes, it makes you discover skills you sometimes didn’t even know you had (leadership skills in group activities) and it makes you realise that not being the best at something doesn’t mean you can’t excel at something else.

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