Talent Bank Case Study - Diana Florescu

Name: Diana Florescu

Course: BA (Hons) Marketing Communications

Faculty: Westminster Business School

Year of graduation: 2016

1. How has the Talent Bank helped you?

The talent Bank is one of the well-developed schemes here at the University of Westminster aiming at increasing students’ employability prospects. Personally, this organisation has succeeded to assist me throughout my studies with up-to-date vacancies both within and outside the faculty. I am glad to say that I have been accepting three work opportunities in the past two years thank to Talent Bank. Moreover, I am currently working as a Marketing Assistant for ConnectiD Ltd, a new tech start-up in London, job advertised through the Talent Bank’s website.

2. Would you recommend the Talent Bank to your friends and fellow students in the University?

I have already recommended the Talent Bank to my friends and some of them have already taken part in assessment days. I would definitely recommend this scheme to the Westminster students, especially if they want to achieve valuable working experience from an early stage in their careers.

3. Briefly describe the experience you gained in the role(s).

I have been working across different departments within the university, from leisure & hospitality (employed as a Summer Residential Coordinator for the Marylebone Student Accommodation) to the learning sector (being part of the Learning and Teaching Department as one of the 5 Student Engagement Leads).This wide range of activities has increased my self-confidence and professional experience providing me with real-life tasks and the opportunity to apply my theoretical background in order to tackle them in the most creative and effective way.

4. Do you have an example of how the Talent Bank has made an impact on your employment since you joined the scheme?

The best example I could offer is my current job. I strongly believe that Talent Bank has contributed to my professional success giving me the chance to occupy various positions within the University of Westminster before entering the business world. The Talent Bank facilitated the communication between my current employer and me, making the application process easier and faster.

5. What key skills have you gained from the Talent Bank?

Throughout this experience I have improved my ability to research and interpret data working effectively with people from diverse backgrounds whilst proving consistency and strategic planning with execution of tasks. I have gained an excellent knowledge of marketing and communication strategies, and valuable insights into project management and administrative experience.

6. Was the Talent Bank application process a useful experience?

Definitely! The Talent Bank application process was complex and challenging, only because this scheme is trying to shape our best assets and boost our confidence. I encourage every student to apply for the Talent Bank. I can guarantee that it is a very convenient place for networking and full of professional opportunities; social circles become very large and by the time we move into employment most of us have extensive networks of useful contacts. What better way to keep in touch with your colleagues than using the university’s own social hub – the Talent Bank?

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