Talent bank Case Study - Caterina Nirta

Caterina Nirta

Name: Caterina Nirta

Course: Law PhD

School: Faculty of Social Sciences

Year of Graduation: 2017

1. How did the Talent Bank help you?

I have always had a part-time job through the Talent Bank whilst doing my PhD. It has provided me with several opportunities where I could combine my academic expertise and professional experience. What really makes all the difference is that no one forgets that you are first and foremost a student: they encourage you to give priority to your academic development and are flexible with working hours. Doing a research degree involves tremendous work and too many a stressful secluded moment, a flexible work environment and understanding colleagues are essential! I’m very grateful to the Talent Bank and I know that without it I would have not been able to complete my PhD in four years.

2. Would you recommend the Talent Bank to your friends in the university?


3. Briefly describe the experience you gained in the role(s).

IT, archiving, fundraising, copy-writing, editing, research.

4. What is different about the Talent Bank compared to other recruitment agencies?

The Talent Bank is very straightforward. You apply for a job and within a week you are all set up and ready to go. The service offered is professional yet friendly. They keep it simple for us which is nice, and facilitate communication between candidates and employers.

5. Do you have an example of how the Talent Bank has made an impact on your employment opportunities.

I have yet to apply for jobs outside of the Talent Bank, so I don’t have a complete answer to this question. I hope the experience I have gained will be advantageous. So far I can tell it has improved my confidence, work ethics and communication a great deal.

6. What key skills have you gained from the Talent Bank?

Confidence working within a team. Professionalism when dealing with colleagues.

7. Was the Talent Bank application process a useful experience?

I like receiving the newsletters every week. I think that is an easy and quick way to check what’s out there. The application process, as far as I know, consists of sending in a CV and cover letter. This is standard. I guess it is useful to know how to write a CV and cover letter.

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