The broad knowledge and skills-base that a degree in Sociology provides are valuable for the graduate in entering a wide variety of occupations and professions:

Skills developed during a sociolgy degree include:

  • critical thinking and analysis
  • effective writing
  • research
  • organising and planning
  • high level communication skills including negotiation and influencing
  • problem solving
  • information management

Options with a Sociology degree

Some possible career paths

Information from the destination statistics of UK graduates indicates that the following graduate occupational areas were the most popular with Sociology graduates:

  • Social and Welfare Professional, eg trainee social worker in Local Government.
  • Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector Managers
  • Business & Financial Professions and Associate Professionals
  • Marketing, Sales and Advertising Professionals
  • Education Professionals

Some research-related careers:

Useful sources of work placements/job vacancies and information

Professional bodies and related associations

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