Complementary Medicine

Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in the alternative/complementary therapy market.

These therapies are generally offered privately, although some are occasionally available through the NHS.

Below are some of the opportunities available to you as Allied Health Professionals (AHPS) – qualified health support professionals.

The future

  • Private healthcare firms proposing to introduce a network of fast-track diagnostic centres.
  • Health provision moving to more open learning culture where decisions taken nearer to level of patient contact.
  • Increasing range of private companies offer employment opportunities in various healthcare occupations.

Health sector

  • Primary care – First point of professional contact includes support occupations, occupational health, health education and promotion, patients in the community.
  • Secondary care - Specialised treatment, normally carried out in hospital.

The Big Players

Voluntary sector

A diverse range of centres and other facilities for specific client groups. Therapists are usually employed part-time.

Also, Local Authority social services departments offer management jobs linking health care and social care. Employ therapists to work with some of their client groups.

Self employment

This is the main option for practitioners in complementary medicine.

Setting up on your own – Self employment

World view World View

Other useful information


The following publications are available for reference use at the Cavendish House Information Room.

  • A Guide to Starting Your Own Complementary Therapy Practice
  • Setting Up & Running a Complementary Health Practice

Other options

Health Promotion Specialist: Contacts and Resources

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